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“I have been a member of AIEG for 16 years. Of all the organizations I belong to, AIEG is simply the best when it comes to the sharing of information necessary to bring about a favorable outcome for my clients. In addition, the membership (which I refer to as the “brain trust”) is amazing. The caliber of attorneys involved with this organization combined with their selflessness to share information and ideas, cannot be matched anywhere. If you do auto defect cases and/or trucking cases, it is malpractice not to belong to this group. If you want to level the playing field against the Fortune 500, you must join AIEG. ”

Brian Chase
Newport Beach, CA

“I can absolutely say AIEG is the best legal organization I’m involved with, hands down. The conferences are full of really great talks and presentations – some about specific defects and some tending toward general litigation issues, so even if you don’t have a ton of products cases you will come away from them learning something new. The same is true for the listserves. There is an openness and willingness to share documents and ideas and information that I’ve not seen in any other organization. In addition to the invaluable sharing of information, the people are outstanding, too - many have become good friends as well as colleagues. I actually can’t talk highly enough about it. The first year membership is pretty reasonable (including the free seminar), so I would encourage you to give it a try. ”

Anne Dieruf
Arvada, CO

“I joined AIEG more than 25 years ago, and have never doubted for one moment the absolute necessity of belonging to the best organization in the country for sharing information about crashworthiness cases. If you have a case involving any auto defect, you cannot handle it properly and represent your client competently without the resources and information available through AIEG. From case screening, to discovery through trial, AIEG can and does guide you through some of the most complicated issues facing a plaintiff’s trial lawyer in handling one of these cases. You have access to the best lawyers, the best experts, and a wealth of documents, motions and briefs that are essential when your opponents are the auto manufacturers with their unlimited resources.”

Stewart Eisenberg
Philadelphia, PA

“I've been a member of AIEG my whole career and it’s the one organization that has consistently been a meaningful aid. The seminars are chock full of useful information that I put to use on a regular basis and are far and away the best CLE out there. The best part is the camaraderie and assistance among members who are always eager to go out of their way to do whatever they can to help you without wanting anything in return – AIEG’s whole reason for being. In short, I could not imagine my practice without it.”

Ben Fields
Kansas City, MO

“If you have an automotive product liability case, you have to join AIEG. There is no better organization. AIEG will help you. AIEG people share. I have been with AIEG since my very first case and could not think of litigating a case without them.”

Julian Gomez
McAllen, TX

“Through the AIEG Seminars I’ve not only gained invaluable information, but I have developed professional relationships with lawyers across the country. I have been to many other organizations’ seminars and, as a young lawyer, they can often be daunting and difficult to gain access to senior members. I have found that at AIEG Seminars, Success through Sharing is not just a motto, it’s a way of life.”

Adam Graves
Lexington, MO

“For every one on the defense side, there are fellow AIEG members standing united in every single battle ready and willing to help share and support each other.”

Jaime Jackson
Lancaster, PA

“Joining AIEG gives you the incredible opportunity to learn from and network with the very best trial lawyers in the country. There is no way my practice would be where it is today without it.”

Chad Lucas
Kansas City, MO

“I cannot imagine attempting to litigate a complex product liability case without the support of AIEG. The ability to quickly find and access the prior testimony of a witness, the right experts, discovery responses and other documents really levels the playing field against defendants with seemingly endless resources. The lawyers at AIEG are among the very best and willingly share the fruits of their hard work with fellow members. AIEG membership is an asset I literally could not practice without.”

Terry McCartney
New York, NY

“Whether you are a new lawyer or have been practicing for 50 years, there is always invaluable information to be learned at every AIEG seminar. The quality and timeliness of the presentations and materials simply cannot be matched.”

April Strahan
Houston, TX